Photo Essay

Little pieces of me

Lips and wedding band

Being a woman is hard sometimes. Now, I won't go into the crazy details of the female mind, but I will talk about self image. Who can say they are 100% happy with what God gave them? If you can then all power to ya!

In trying to raise my percentage of confidence I thought I would photograph parts of my body that I really DO like.

"Let's see how this turns out".

After taking a few days and seeing the final images I thought to myself, "Wow, that's really me. I'm art work". It's a good feeling seeing something beautiful then realizing it's yourself.

So, in a nutshell I really enjoyed my "Littel Pieces of Me" project.

It helped. =)

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  • Neil Woo

    Neil Woo said (3 Feb 2009):

    awesome well written

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