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My 2 Zone technique for Hand Coloring Black and White Photographs.

True Photography consist of two key zones. (Zone A covers subject to film), better known as a negative, ( Zone B covers film to Print), other wise known as a positive. In true photography one can not exist with the other. Digital photography merely records the scene in pixel format, it lacks the required zones which are needed to create a true positive print.

I have added a Zone C to my Black and White Photo Art, this zone determines where colors on the final Black and White print. This Technique allows full control of contrast, composition, and balance of each individual photo.

My Hand coloring Techniques elevates the viewer chromatic thresholds. Color contrast can be easily manipulated to suit artist mood or expressions simultaneously. I can enhance visual differences between two areas of different luminance or illumination.

I try to highlight the obvious positive in each Photo, I also attempt to accentuate the unseen Beauties of our world.

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