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A day with the Hutterites ...

They live the simple and good life - my friends, the Hutterites, in Canada - south of Calgary.

Living off the land - away from the glitter of cities - they are farmers and almost absolute self-sufficient - making their own clothes and foods. I have known my friends for 13 years, and they finally allowed me (a rare permission) to take some photos on their colony during harvest time, showing the children in the fields and at home.

Their live-style was strange to me - but these stranger have become friends - allowing me, to look into their daily routines. And in the end - giving me the greatest gift - to learn more about myself.

In their schools, they teach an old form of German - of course, everything is based on the bible. But they ask me: "Are you happier out there - in the world you live in?"

I have to admit, I am not. Their happiness comes from inside - without outside forces. Their simple questions, their no-nonsense response to life's quest astonish me every time I visit. They live their days in harmony with the land and off the land. without radio, TV or phones - they manage to still think clearly. That's something, if we are honest on the "outside" isn't easy with all the distractions we have to digest.

When I spend a day with my friends the Hutterites, I always feel refreshed in soul and mind. It's like going back in time - stories my grandmother used to tell me, when people worked and lived together.

Their colonies are never larger than 120 persons. If they reach that size, they have to open another location. Most women have more than five children. They make their own clothes, although they do not reject technology as the Amish. On the Hutterite Colonies they have top notch farm equipment. They are the main suppliers for many food chains in Canada.

What impresses me most - their contentment with life as it is - simple and no nonsense. Can we say that about the thoughts we keep? My Hutterite friends live in an environment that puts me back on my feet, when I visit them - a warm and touching feeling that lingers on - until my next visit ...

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    Wonderful essay, interesting and thought prevoking, voting, great photos..

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    A step back in time and doing what we should all be doing.

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    Thanks for the wonderful story... voted!

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