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B&W Casual Portraits: Street, Family & Studio...

Joseph 003...1969
Raychelle & the boys
Drum or barrel scans
Bride... B&W or Color
Tyler Banker
Paint Girls
McBride, the barber

Note: Like what you see, I will be traveling in the south, U.S.A. all year, Planning classes along the way. B&W photography, Film Developing, also Pin-Hole Photography. email

Black and White... Street Portraits,Family and Studio

Seems at first the best got away. And then I became more in charge of one body, one lens and one film [Tri-X]. I learned, how to develop the film and read the light. There was no looking at the screen and seeing if you got the shot by blasting of 4 or 5 or 18 exposures. What I learned by missing good shots is when to commit to the shot. Where to be and when to shoot thats what its all about. Have the camera at hand, if you are still using a film camera, Make sure its loaded.

Second is do not hesitate to ask, when you see a person that is exceptional you have to ask. A NO want hurt you and a YES will put a big smile on your face. And a second asking when you hear " I'll just break your camera" pays off also. Don't hesitate, be ready, get the shot.You will always remember the one that got away. mjb

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