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Khajuraho Temple Walls

It is a major tourist attraction in India after the Taj Mahal. Superb example of Indo-Aryan architecture,it is a quite village in the centre of India in Madhya Pradesh. Walls of the temples are beautifully decorated with very fine artistic work. It shows gods, goddesses, common man, & animals but figures depicting sex & women stand out. Structures were built by Chandela dynesty in 900 to 1050 AD,in a remote dusty area which probably saved it from Muslim destruction. Best time to visit is October to March & dance festival in March is the highlight. Excellent modern facilities of stay are available & the town is connected to Delhi by Air. There are various groups of temple, most dedicated to lord Shiva, with outer walls having beautifully decorated eroticas . Worth a visit before this life comes to an end.

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