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What If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

What If The Earth Stopped Spinning?

There is this pub in the village of Travone that we went to a lot this year. Its a pretty little place just around the coastline from were we were staying. We actually began going there many years ago when on our honeymoon. We use to end our day there by eating our evening meal watching the last sunrays disappear over the Atlantic.

But this year the pub was a very handy west facing location for Cathy to relax with the kids whist I regularly, (guilt reduced) ran down the corn field, tripod strapped to my back, over a gate and through some very posh houses, with even more expensive views, to get to this little gem of a beach.

I have mixed feelings about this image. I totally love the sunset. It began rather muted, but as you can see it managed to peep through the cloudbank, just before it disappeared down under the horizon. My hesitation in posting this is due to the quantity of untidy rocks and this image that distract from a clean composition. It also lacks any kind of water action, which I have become, to like in these types of shots, to give it movement and drama. I do however like the clean simplicity in the sand bars, and feel it justifies being let out from the dungeon of images consigned to my hard drive.

Funny this sun chasing lark. If you think about it, it is not the sun that is moving, its us. It is us. that are spinning away from it. At hundreds of miles an hour from its warm rays. (At mid-latitudes, the speed of the Earth's rotation is 700 to 900 miles per hour )

The sun is the main character, the main focus in the average landscape snapper's sights. Many people take its presence for granted. I mean its there every day, it is in-fact the thing that defines our day, the length of our day, thou the year. It sustains our very existence. With out it we would not be here. If it stopped, ran out, turned off then god what a disaster. How long would we live? There would be a permanent static sunset and sunrise skirting the circumference of the world. In fact it wouldn't be a sunrise or set at all, it would have to be renamed the suns edge. The world's population would have to live within 50 miles of this line, as one side of the planet would be frozen solid and the other side would be scorched to a cinder. We would all have to migrate to the edge of the sun influence. We all would live in consent yellow and red light. Wow what a world that would be. A densely populated ring of kayos around the entire planet.

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  • Mal Stewart

    Mal Stewart gave props (22 Nov 2008):

    Great story Jason.........very scary thought, but great story. Yeah, I like it, especially the bit about you leaving the family at base and taking off through the cornfields to get to that special beach / spot. Your ocean images are stunning, keep it up.

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