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What is noir?

O...The death of a troubadour

Maybe its me. Perhaps I am old school and have the wrong impression as to what Noir is. I'd always thought it had to do with mood and mystery.

Noir does not mean black and white images. Noir can be presented in colour, as long as the images express the allure of darkness and suggestions of something more then meets the eye. 'noir,'

It is the capturing of a vibe, or a story via still framed images or a story line of film. It is usally a representation of concepts, leaning towards a subject more complicated or disturbing. They are representations that are- not of everyday fanfare or jubilent carefree days. For these reasons, noir, can be an area that many find too complicated or not to be bothered with and even disturbing.

I present some images on the noir side of the street. Each of these images have a story behind them from the dark underbelly of human existence.

And requires more then a quick most good mysteries will.

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