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Bandaran, used to be the only Town in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (Malaysian Borneo) from early 60's till early 80's.

After the new government and politician won the first General Election in Sabah. They decide to expand the Capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu from the non-existed Water Village until The Port.

In the mid 80's most of the commercial shop, famous restaurant, coffee shop moved to the new Commercial Center facing South China Sea. Only a few famous restaurant, night club, karaoke bar & hotels still decide to stay in the Old Town.

20 Years later, I decide to go and visit the Old Town and explore the whole area in early Morning before the place packed with Cars and People. The place haven't change allot, but the atmosphere and the architecture is very different than the new city located beside the sea. Most of the painted walls are torn and the color almost faded except the behind building just facing the forest hill.

Most of the shops here are Coffeeshop for the elders, Design Print shop, Frame shop, Night Clubs and a few old top shop house mostly rented by the Immigrant.

Most of the Immigrant are from the Phillippines, Indonesia and China. They still use the old tradition way to wash and dry their clothes outside. While the local living in the suburbs or apartment in the city already use washing machine and dryer because of car pollution.

Most of local photographer never think of shooting or do a report about this Old Town in the city. I guess i am the first and maybe last photographer will only photograph this area after this area has abandoned by the local and city hall in early 90's.

Well, I'll definately be back here again in 2 years times. Will the Forgotten Town be demolished by the city hall to develop more better place for the public, just repaint the building? or still remain the same Old Bandaran since 1960's?

Will See....

Location : Bandaran (Old Town), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. East Malaysia. Borneo Island.

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