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Fond Memories Of An Exciting Career...

Rt. Hon. Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, Prime Minister & Hon. Winston D. Munnings, Consul General
Annual Consular Corps Ball
Taiwan National Day Celebrations
Graduation Ceremonies For Bahamian Police Inspector from the FBI Academy
Bahamas as signatory to INTELSAT agreement
His Excellency L. B. Johnson, Bahamas Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Bahamas National Day Reception
IMF & World Bank Ministers of Finance Reception
'Good-Bye' Reception for Bahamas Consul General
Junkanoo in Atlanta with Mayor Andrew Young

George Burns (Academy Award-winning Jewish-American comedian, actor and writer) once said: "...If you can make a living doing the one thing you truly enjoy, you'll be among the happiest people in the world..." So true!

In my short life, I have had two very stimulating careers. I was a Journalist in The Bahamas working (at different times) with both the Print and Electronic News Media. During the latter, I anchored both Radio and Television News as a News Editor with the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas. I've also spent close to twenty years in the Bahamas' Diplomatic Service.

Representing the Commonwealth of The Bahamas abroad was truly an awesome experience which I will cheerish forever and a day. My singular disappointment at this writing, however, is that Ambassador Livingstone B. Johnson, the first accredited Bahamian Envoy to the United States since The Bahamas achieved its independence 35 years ago, has yet to be awarded a Knighthood which he so rightly deserve.

Ambassador L. B. Johnson is truly a remarkable man who has given much of himself and who has served his country with great distinction. It was indeed an honor to serve with him during those formative years in the Foreign Service of The Bahamas.

I still do some writing, but my fascination now is with Photography. In fact, and since I was about twelve years old, I have always had a fascination with Photography and, truth be told, I have never really gotten it out of my system. Now it's full-blown and I am at the pinnacle of a Third career.

More and more, and as each day passes, I really appreciate what George Burns projected when he made that statement about "...making a living doing what you truly enjoy..." Burns was an incredible man. Few know this, but Burns enjoyed a remarkable career renaissance that began at age 79, and ended shortly before his passing away at the ripe old age of 100. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, "...he was as well known in the last two decades of his life as at any other time during his career..."

What a legacy to hope for. At this writing, I'm a measly 59 years old but, in 20 years (when I'm 79 like Burns was when he enjoyed a remarkable career resurgence), perhaps I'll go to Law School which is yet another attraction I had as a youngster that I just can't seem to get out of my system.

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  • Oregon Curly

    Oregon Curly (Deleted) gave props (3 Oct 2008):

    Indeed yes, you have had a wonderful life, and may it continue to be so. You have outlined it well, and the photos amplify it perfectly. I wish you well in your next 2 or 3 .. or more, careers.

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