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RUSTic Art


These photographs were taken in a scrapyard in the small town of Milford Ontario.

The scrapyard no longer exists. All of the cars and pieces were sold to a metal reclaiming operation that melted it all down. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to wander around the scrapyard on several occasions to take these photos before it all disappeared.

Scrapyards are a great place to find incredible colors, shapes, and textures. However, you have to develop your "art of seeing" to find these jewels, because it's such a jumble of metal with lots of plant overgrowth hiding some of the best details.

I must have walked past the car with that fabulous taillight a dozen times before it caught my eye.

The equipment I used to capture these shots was a nikon D70 with a 90mm Tamron Macro lens, or Nikon 18-70mm lens, and a tripod.

The 90mm macro lens is a good choice for this type of photography, because it allowed me to focus as close as I needed to get the shot, while allowing me to stay out of the way so that my shadow didn't fall on the subject.

At first, I tried photographing the entire vehicle, but found that it was difficult to avoid all the background clutter and distractions. Instead, I decided to focus on the most eye-catching details of each vehicle. This gave me the mood and look I was searching for.

I like abstract photography the most, and scrapyards allow me to explore that passion.

I hope you enjoy these images...

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4 responses

  • Martin E. Morris

    Martin E. Morris (Deleted) gave props (4 Dec 2008):

    Excellent story.Terriffic images!!!

  • Thomas Beckmann

    Thomas Beckmann gave props (9 Jul 2009):

    Nice story and fantastic colors. This is a great album.

  • Amy Smith

    Amy Smith gave props (14 Oct 2009):

    Great job, the rust is wonderful!!

  • Karen Zimmerman

    Karen Zimmerman gave props (19 Dec 2009):

    Wonderful essay and images. A tribute to these beautiful cars, even (or especially?) in their RUSTic state.

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