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The Pool Boy

Not that Holy

When asked in conversation what it is I do, I often hesitate. I have to stop and think "what it is I actually do?"

I am fortunate enough to have met and worked with many distinguished people in our industry as well as clients who are successful enough to have our product. I have met many famous actors, artists, designers and leading advertising and marketing professionals who certainly have an eye for anything creative and artistic. All of these great people and many of my travels that I have experienced have been a product of swimming pools, or in our realm, Watershapes. To most, a pool is the cement hole in the backyard full of water that occasionally turns green. To our clients it is an extension of their home and surroundings. In some cases it is a piece of art that completes the scenery. I would never have thought in a million years when I started vacuuming pools some 16 years ago that we would be able to be a leading builder in the Northeast asked to travel the 50 states consulting, teaching and building our product. I thought for most of this time I was just "The pool boy" , but have now realized I am, in some way artistic, creative and held in higher regards by my peers and clients. It is a great place to be, and makes me feel good to know that the what I do may sound simple and insignificant, but to me its the best "job" in the world. Whatever it is you do, be unique and seperate yourself from the rest. The success and gratification will follow.

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