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Warsaw: In search for the right moment

Letterforms - I

Why is it that when you're out and about looking for something and/or you're working towards a deadline to find the perfect photo opportunity you cannot find anything - but when you're not desperately searching, it more or less falls your way? ...

These images are results of such a "working-towards-a-deadline-photo-project", called 'LetterForms'. The only requirement: take a series of photos, each one showing a letter of the alphabet.

I wanted the images to have character and not just simple represent the environment. I chose to shoot on Ilford HP5 (400) using my Holga GCFN. Why?

I won't be able to tell the results straight away, the images will be grainy, blurry, out of focus and simply not so 'ordinary' - each single image will be different.

Did I achieve everything I set out to do? You welcome to judge for yourself!

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