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Beautiful White Sand

Sunset at Havlock Island, Andamans India

My family had been planning to go to the Andamans for a while. Finally in February we boarded the plane and were off to the black waters (as called in Pre-Independent India. When I asked one of my family friends about it they said " hmmm...Andaman's a good place for the elderly". . Honestly I am all for beautiful places but don't all beautiful places are the same. Nice sunsets beautiful views etc. Andaman for me was suppose to be just another beautiful place to add on my list of "Beautiful places- that all look the same- that I have been to". However it turned out to be probably the best holiday of my life.

We landed on the Veer Savarkar airport in Port Blair on 20th February. After resting for a while we officially started our holiday. Andaman and Nicobar islands are 373 in number. Out of these there are settlements in only 38 of them. There is immense history in these islands. From the time the British regiment resided till the post independent period.

Port Blair is the capital of the islands. There are a number of places to see in port Blair like the cellular jail, the aquatic museum, local markets etc. Day trip packages are also available in case you want to visit the nearby Ross (famous for ruins of English inhabitation), North bay( Popular for snorkeling) , Viper island & other islands. Each island has an interesting history of its own. Perhaps the most attractive feature of Port Blair is the cellular jail. The cellular jail had been the aboard for many freedom fighters during the British rule. Just standing inside one of those cells makes you realize the sacrifice that our revolutionaries made for the country. After so many years of independence we somehow have forgotten the sacrifices people made so that we can be free today. I seriously have to look for words to describe the way you feel when you look at those small "cubicles". Our guide made a very blunt yet true statement that got me thinking, he said" all of you people when coming to the Andaman must have told your friends that you are going to visit beautiful beaches. But did anyone of you ever mention that you are also going to visit the land of patriotism, where our fighters gave their lives so that you can stand on this land without any fear"

After spending a thought-provoking day in Port Blair, the next morning we started of for Havelock. The island is 21 nautical miles away from Port Blair and of the inhabited islands of Andaman. The exotic island is small in size but also the home for few of the most beautiful beaches in the country. If you are going to Port Blair you have to spare two days for Havelock. The trip itself is extremely mesmerizing. It is a great place for people who want to detach themselves from the world. A photographer's paradise, Havelock is one of the most important tourist destinations.

The island mainly has three beaches Radhanagar, Vijay agar and elephant beach. Radhanagar beach is the most serene and pristine on the island. The white sandy expanse in the backdrop of forests offers a most inviting view of crystal turquoise water. This beach also boasts of being the best beach in all of Asia and the fifth best beach in the entire world. Though immensely popular amongst tourist you are sure to get the feel of your own private beach here. After taking a swim in the crystal clear waters you can always head of to a small shack on the beach. The shack is owned by an Italian lady and serves authentic Italian food. Having mouth-watering food and watching the sunset with a cool breeze in your face are something that dreams are made of.

The second beach that is, Elephant beach is the best if you want to indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling. There is abundance of beautiful corals and marine life. It opens your eyes to this magnificent, mysterious and marvelous underwater world. It makes you realize that god is definitely one creative genius.

The third beach is Vijaynagar beach. When I was in primary school I remember studying about tides and their effect. Vijaynagar beach gives you a practical experience of these natural illusionist tides. In the night the water covered the entire beach. There was no sign of sand anywhere and by the morning there was only sand. The water moved back atleast 2 kilometers. The most beautiful feature of this beach was the color of water. You must have heard of a color called as "sea green". I surely figured out where the name of the color has come from. The water had so many shades of green and blue that it looked like a painting.

Andaman Island redefines natural beauty. It is not only picturesque and soothing for the eyes but also very adventurous. I cannot recall a single minute where I felt bored. Probably one of the best trips I have ever had Andaman is just so different from anywhere your ever been too. The number of beaches here is higher than the number of houses. The beauty is so engulfing that you might get lost in it, for days after. I recommend Andaman to all enthusiastic travelers but some where down below I selfishly also wish that not a lot of people go there fearing that the untouched pure beauty might get disturbed. For me Andaman is definitely paradise on earth. Now when people tell me they went to exotic foreign countries with beautiful beaches and wonderful marine life a very sleek grin comes on my face. Only if they knew about the jewel in the black waters.

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    Niharika Sanyal gave props (7 Jul 2011):

    Nice shots! This is my favourite place on the planet. I love the Andamans!! :)

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