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Being a San Diego native, I have been to the Wild Animal Park countless times as a child.

I recently realized that Father Time had pulled another one of his cruel pranks and 17 years had passed since my last trip. I have been to the Zoo at least once a year since my daughter was born and always get a kick out of her expressions and awe of the animals. I'm sure she is probably just as amused with my expressions! I can remember telling her what the different animals were before she could even speak. Then a few years later, sounding the words out with her, "RHI NOC ER OUS". Or the joyous moments of trying to divert her attention while a male lion would start to mount his partner. Time certainly has flown by. Her attitude and appreciation of animals has never changed over the years, but now her questions are more likely to be "Dad, can we get ice cream?" Or "When is lunch". Wait...OK that hasn't changed either!

This trip to the W.A.P. was great. All of the animals were out and the weather was fantastic. The lion exhibit was great. They have an old gutted out Land Rover for the cats to lounge and play on. There were seven new cubs running amuck, but never where I could get good photos of them. The mother lion was great. As you can see from the photos, she was very attentive and made me question if she was showing off for me? I thank her either way.

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