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Iraq March 19 2008 demonstration in DC

Wednesday March 19 marked 5 years since the invasion of Iraq. The assault, justified by fairy tales of imaginary mass destruction entities, has led to a devastated and dysfunctional country, and countless innocent lives wasted. Demonstrations in Washington DC were scheduled at various locations in the city. The weather was less than cooperative, with rain pounding all day. Still, a number of demonstrators braved the elements, and police units were aplenty and impossible to miss. At Lafayette park March of the Dead honored the dead Iraqi civilians victims and members of occupying forces, with demonstrators wearing black and white masks. Each carried the name, age, and the date of death of a civilian victim; others carried the name, rank, age, and date of death of members of American army. They proceeded silently but with expressive gestures. At least one person was arrested during the demonstrations at Lafayette. Other demonstrators wore orange jumpsuits in solidarity with the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Funky music blasted at 17 and K streets where demonstrators blocked traffic in a sit-in. Some danced while carrying signs opposing war. At least one male demonstrator was more revealing, deciding to dance stark naked in the rain. A female demonstrator joined in, dancing topless. The energy was such that the pouring rain was inconsequential. One sign questions the description of French resistance members as heroes while Iraqi resistance is bluntly labeled as terrorist. Another sign declares "If we want democracy let them vote us out."

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