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10 Tips for Shooting your first Wedding

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I did my first wedding two years ago and wow was it a learning experience! Thankfully the groom was my brother-in-law and not a stranger so that made things easier. I was exhausted by the end of the day but it was well worth it! The things I learned from that one wedding have served me well for the other two I've done and more that I hope to do in the future. I'm obviously no expert but it's the simple things that are most easily forgotten or overlooked.

1. Wear comfy shoes! You'll be on your feet for hours! No one wants to see the photographer hobbling after three hours.

2. Ladies, don't wear a dress. It may be a given to some but I just wasn't thinking when I got dressed that day.

3. EAT! Make time to eat, have a power bar or snickers or something in your camera bag. No one wants a testy crabby photographer who has low blood sugar. And drink lots of water! Don't let yourself get dehydrated because you're so busy!

4. Talk to the officiant or whoever is performing the ceremony before hand. Ask them politely if they wouldn't mind taking a couple steps to one side after they say 'kiss the bride' and again when the new couple is introduced and start walking back down the isle. Nothing in my opinion ruins those two romatic shots more than the preachers head lodged between the happy newly weds.

5. Don't be afraid to get a couple embarassing shots. The wedding I have picutred here, I got lots of potentially embarassing moments caught on the ol memory card. A week after the wedding the bride didn't want to look at them, but a year later she's happy she has them to look back on.

6. Employ a family member or friend of the bride and groom to help you round up guests for important group shots.

7. Be firm yet polite with all involved. You're there to do a job so don't let the bride and groom or their friends/family push you around or keep you waiting.

8. Don't forget to look around you at the guests! They are an important part of things too. Get a shot of the brides parents durring the vows, catch a shot of the ring bearer picking his nose. Is Uncle Saul cracking jokes before the ceremony? Then definitely keep an eye on him during the reception!

9. Look at the little things. The centerpieces on the table, the favors, the decorations. All those little things piled up are part of the big day and a photo to comemerate that will be worth a lot to a new bride.

10. Have fun! Don't forget to breath and have a good time! Especially if you know the happy couple!

Weddings can be a really fun rewarding experience, so have a great time!

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