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Project Mystery Photos

Sirens Swimming in a Golden Sea
Wooden Whorls
Stony Sunset
Ceiling Arches in Yellow
Battery Abstract
The Point
Steer Skull
One Last Glance
Soldiers March On

Many abstract photos do something amazing. Like Fugues to pianists, they encourage us to break down the elements of a scene, visually and manipulate to our expressions' ends. They're also a great visual and mental exercise.

As a teenager, i had a subscription to a magazine called "Games". One of its regular features was a collection of photos (usually macro or micro photography) for which you had to guess what they were. It was a fun challenge!

So here's what i propose; for Project Mystery Photos, find all your photos that are unidentifiable abstracts and post them as a Personal Post under the "write a story" link on your JPG page. Here's the steps:

1.Click the link "write a story" and choose "personal post" 2.write a few words, at least 25 i think 3.pick your photos them 5.edit the descriptions such that they tell you what you're looking at (so long as you just edit the words, you'll lose no votes, favs, comments, links, props, or view counts). 6.Link it back to one of my photos displayed here and link this story to one of your photos posted in your story

Then sit back and enjoy everyone else's creativity. Try to guess what you're looking at. When and only when you give up, click the photo and read the description. i bet there'll be more than a few surprises!

Oh and if anyone has a better title than "Project Mystery Photos" please pipe up!

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