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bus stops

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Bus traffic, the fastest-growing segment of New York City's public transportation system, shuttles millions of people into, around and out of New York City. As the world's most extensive transit network, hundreds of New York City bus routes are coordinated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NJ Transit and numerous independent contractors.

I cannot help but be awed by the magnitude and scope of this system. But like most New Yorkers, my daily experience with public transit is on a more personal level. I have been intrigued by the decals adorning these buses, particularly those of the independent bus lines. The bright colors and geometric shapes seem to act as a subliminal sign – if not for the passengers themselves then for me.

There is something transporting about buses. Even when it is at rest, the dynamic shapes and colors of the bus's logo imply movement. It is this promise of motion that stops me in my tracks. In my images, I try to frame the origins of motion within bus logos. The result is often an abstraction; my attempt to capture the essence of movement and progress.

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  • Adam Jones

    Adam Jones gave props (2 Feb 2009):

    This is awesome.


        gave props (8 Mar 2009):

    Nice eye for patterns.

  • Andrew Duneman

    Andrew Duneman gave props (19 Jul 2010):

    good concept!

  • Epin Hervin

    Epin Hervin gave props (4 Sep 2011):

    Inspired by Grant Hamilton in JPG 12?

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