Photo Essay

Wild Geese living in a Metal World

No Trespassing

My father told me about a place I could go to if I wanted to try my hand at some wildlife photos. He works for a concrete mix place and they have gravel pits where they dump or pick up rock among other things for his job. My father is a dump truck driver and is able to access this spot after work hours since it is not available to the public. He told me that he was picking up a load and noticed a wild geese nest right next to the road they drive on and it had eggs in it. I decided that yes, I would like to go over and try to see what kind of pictures I could get. It was a beautiful place with two man-made ponds (which will be filled back in soon). There were geese all over among other cool things. I went mainly to take pictures of the eggs which should have only taken about half an hour but ended up leaving about an hour and a half later. I just wonder what will happen to all the wildlife in this area once they fill the ponds back in.

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