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Green car

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Green Car Lanzarote
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the green car


This is the story of my green car. She was found in the city of Bordeaux France. On one of our wild photographic weekends when we (me and my best mate) found her.

Let me tell you a bit more. Me and my mate have the habit or shall we sat custom to go on photographic weekends. All budget style of course no fancy hotels. We go looking for the cheapest most centric places of each city. As long as it has a bed, roof and running water we are happy.

This particular weekend we decided to head down to Bordeaux, France. This is about three hours from where we live. That is in Donostia (San Sebastián, Spain)

I am not going to bore you with the details after all this is about my Green Car. She was found on the Saturday morning on our adventure through Bordeaux. We found this small very elegant toy shop that sells all kinds of toys, but no fancy electronics no I mean still the old fashion toys or should we rather say real toys. This is when saw them, now I am saying them, due to the fact that we found her sister as well. She is blue and now lives in England .

So this where it all started. The entire weekend she was the star, well still is on all my travels.

The places she has been too is still a few, but she is still young, and has a lot to learn. Also traveling cost money and that is one thing the two of us do not have a lot off.

Her travels now includes, Bordeaux, Lanzarote(spain), Paris and her home town of Donostia.

We are planning now some new and exiting trips for the upcoming summer. We are now working on a special section for our travels and soon will be up on out web site where we will keep you updated on our travels and adventures.

We don´t have wait only for holidays and traveling to have some fun.

All comments and ideas are welcome.

Martin and his Green Car

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