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Listowel River Boat song

She upon the Ford

As I cast my self once more

upon the ever ebbing flow

I can only row the boat ahead me

in which i live and toil so

all my words and my my transgressions

are there for all to see

as she passes on the road

to where her husband has brought her home

but no she does not love him

for this shape she has become

will not hold her nor possess her

for any time to come

For she has a cold persuasion

of constellation and of steel

a broken soul she leaves behind her

as I'm crushed beneath the wheel

for at this ford i once did meet

and fall in love with my sweet girl

as I helped her cross the torrent

my heart she stole and made her own

for though she has no mercy

and leaves me here just shattered bone

I cannot now just forget her

and must live my life alone

But a farmers son am i

and she to manors born

so i must take my self to carry

flintlock and musket ball

As war has made me a kings soldier

and has sent me far from home

But one day I will return a man

with purpose and deeds my own

And then my canny sprite

capture you beneath the moonlight

and take you back where you belong

Anon Circa 1878

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