My Precious

A dream, with pictures in it!

This camera has it all!

everything a 13 year old girl needs, when she wants to be a little more proffessional than what a normal digtigal camra can give you!

It has 10,2 megapixels.Designed to take superior, high-resolution pictures for everyone

I love taking pictures, and my dream is to become a very proffessinal photografy!

But, then there was this stupid! thing called money, that stopped me from buying one, just because i didnt afford it?

I have thought about how long it would take me to get the money by myself! : 3 years!

I sertantly not have the time for that, i have to shoot some photos!

iam desperat to be a photograph!

A picture is not only a way to show of your skills in photografy, No it is a way to express yourself, and your feelings!

A picture can tell so much, without saying one word!

A camera is also a way to express yourself in a creative way, it is a gift you need to share, it is passion you need to show and it is way to share the world to the world!

Example: if you see a news paper with a picture of an miserable family, in a miserable house. And the headline says:

Earthquake, choks the world!

without that picture it wouldnt do anything, it wouldnt tell us anything about what happened!

That is what pictures are for, to scare us, amaze us, show us stuff in the world we didnt even know exicted!

And that is why I need this camera so badly!

I need to share my passion with the world!

Share the world to the world!

Because what would the world be, without those proffessional photografers?

NOTHING! we need those pictures to tell us about the worlds situation!

I mean, what if the clima changes couldnt be showed in pictures, then Iam sure that no one would care about the clima changes!

And I need to show you, what is going on in my world! with pictures!

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