Photo Essay

Scenesters: To be seen or to be scene?

Neal (aka Protoman)

I decided to take a slightly different approach to street fashion. I set up a single studio strobe and my 4x5 camera outside of Umi Lounge, a busy Fort Lauderdale, Florida nightclub. I chose to do this during their indie dance night, CRUSH, because of scenesters that pack the club from wall to wall.

I began pulling people aside who were dressed a bit different than those who normally attend. While my approach and composition are a bit uncharacteristic of the usual street fashion photo, the photos are just as much about the person wearing the clothes as they are about the attire. After all, scenesters habitually dress to be seen.

I did not ask anyone to pose for me, I simply asked them to sit down for roughly one minute. Each person positioned them self in accordance to how they wanted to be portrayed.

After about an hour of photographing passers-by, a crowd began to form around my camera. Many of these scenesters, whom are not shown in this collection of photographs, started to form a line to have their photos taken, even though I had not asked to photograph them.

This made me contemplate whether these party goers were in line to be seen or to be scene. It seemed more like they were playing a game of follow the leader rather than trying to be the leader.

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  • Kelsey C

    Kelsey C said (26 Feb 2010):

    Very nice. It's interesting how all of them have the same empty expression on their faces.

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