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Movement without motion


Still image photography leaves much for the unlooker to be figured out, fantasy, emotion and trickery of the eye is evoked in a different way by still image photography that is why you can look at a photographic image over and over again and not get bored. Imagine having the same movie displayed on your wall day in day out? You would get bored right? But hanging photo art on the wall can keep you going for months even years and still leave room for interpretation.

Photography moves me more emotionally then "visionally" even though the one can not do without the other. Black and white photography has a different impact and influences your brain in a different way then color images do. That is why I like to play around with both and it keeps me sharp, passionate and open minded and not judgemental on other styles.

This can be seamlessly exposed on day to day life, at home and in this case in the streets. People are 3 dimensional beings, with different colors, voices, physical appearance so even though like with black and white / color photography , they appear similar they still differ and makes life exciting, challenging etc etc. Hope it makes sense to you as translating the mind into the word is not always done in a seamles way :). Hope you enjoy the "stop motion" images as well as I did when I took them and when I look at them again on the screen, the wall or a book. Be better at what you do without loosing enjoyment. Tom

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