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Puerto Rico

El Morro...

Discovered in 1493 by Cristobal Columbus...The place I was born...1962....The place I called home....To Carlos A. and Mauricio X de C...two Puerto Rican Photograhers...

En Mi Viejo San Noel Estrada

In my Old San Juan, many dreams I forged in my childhood years

My first illusion, and my grief of love are memories of the soul

One afternoon I left for a foreign nation, that's how destiny would have it

But my heart remained in front of the sea, of my Old San Juan.


Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)

My dear Borinquen (land of my love)

Goodbye (goodbye, goodbye)

Mi Goddess of the Sea (my Queen of the Palms)

I'm leaving (I'm leaving now)

But someday I'll return

To search for my love

To dream once again

In my Old San Juan.

But time passed me by and destiny fooled my terrible nostalgia.

And I could not return to the San Juan I loved, little piece of my soul.

My hair turned grey, my life is leaving me, death is calling me.

I do not want to die so far away from you, Puerto Rico of my soul!

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