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i have a million songs,

i hate that i love the way you taste.

to play and the only ones i'm content with are the ones racing around my head, yet i dont know the words. i'm back here, again, again, where i look at punctuation more than i should, i'm back, here, again, and i need you now. im in this room with the lights on yet i feel ever more like im in the dark. i am content, here, i am, i feel close to you, i feel separated from everything else. photography makes me feel so upset with myself sometimes; everything ive never dreamed of but always wanted to is there. in front of me. in front of me. i want you to be in front of me, looking me in the eyes again, with certainty. dont - dont read into this, i mean it, i mean it. i mean it when i say i love you. and i love you. things are chain-ging, im chained to ging-er words of hers, "its a heart change." no, its not. its not. i dont have the heart to change, and i never will, for her.

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