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Getting Away

The Green Hills

Why is getting away so hard for me to do? Not having ever been able to travel internationally or even cross-country, Vermont has always been a favorite place of mine to visit since I was a child. My grandfather lived there and graduated from college there. We would go when I was young. Later when I met my husband, we would ski every year there. Now my mom has a weekend home there. I can go anytime but hardly ever do. It's not that I don't like it, I love it. But there's always something that has to get done around my house and I never have enough time. The weekend comes and my list grows ever longer. So, why on earth did I choose Memorial Day weekend 2008, with gas prices at an all-time high and me on a tighter than tight budget, to pack up my children and car and hit the road?

Sometimes you just have to force yourself to take a break. We only went for one night. My brother was passing through on his way to New Hampshire to visit with our dad. My mom's place is a halfway point for him. I found out he was going to be there and I don't get to see him much. With no planning, I just decided to do it. I hit the road and felt all the stress dissolve as I passed through green hills and wide open spaces.

We got there before dinner. My brother had a glass of wine waiting for me. My mother brought out Vermont cheddar cheese, crackers, and apple. We talked, ate, drank and watched the sunset off the deck. I read a book, I played Yahtzee with my kids, we went hiking, we had Vermont ice cream and I silently wondered why the heck I find it so hard to just get away.

I didn't need to get on airplane or a cruise ship or find tropical paradise. I took (24) hours and reconnected with my children, my brother, my mother and stepfather, breathed fresher air, felt my body relax and found peace of mind.

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2 responses

  • Litz Go

    Litz Go gave props (9 Dec 2008):

    This particular essy inspired me to do the same. We did a long time ago when my kids were little. My husband told me we are going somewhere and we don't even have a map. We just drove and "wing it". We were trying to go to "Bodega Bay",(where I learned they shoot the movie "The Bird".)It was a fun and relaxing trip, the only one that is unforgettable that we did because I'm like you so hard to get out due to so many things going on. Maybe we will do it again, No planning required which I thing is better. yes this essay I say rocks!.

  • Maura Wolfson-Foster

    Maura Wolfson-Foster gave props (20 Feb 2010):

    My enthusiastic vote. Love Vermont, and the spirit of your essay ~ !!!

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