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why i love the macro world.

Yo....who you calling tiny.
a shell to hide in if the microworld were out to get ya

I can show my collection of micro beautiful shells that never gets attention.

I can share the beauty found in what's often overlooked.

I can encourage not dreams but reality, where in tapestries are woven by invisible hands of gold.

I can macro-lize the micro and perhaps highlight...if these wee bit aspects of life hold so much...we humans, as grandiose as we assume, are just a part of a whole, yet privileged to impart, protect and create.

Humble beginnings

Interdependent through out

Humble departures

And splendid flora

will sprout

upon the dust

that echo our course

rooted from our soul.

A micro shell

Infinitely can speak.

We need not be of the dead

Neath grey weight


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