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Skyclad: Naked in the Wilderness

Growing up in the country, I have always loved being outdoors. Long before I ever picked up a camera, I was playing outside. After years of shooting landscapes, I moved into nudes and it seemed only natural to shoot outside.

There are two reasons: The first was financial. I could not afford a studio or all of the lighting and equipment that comes with it.

Second, I live in Sedona, Arizona, one of the most beautiful places in the world, where mild weather allows for outdoor shoots anytime except the summer and parts of the winter. Someone once gave me this advice: "Photographers would kill for this scenery, so use it."

I took them up on it. My first shoot was with a friend and sometime-model Amy, and it was along the creek near her house. The image "We Are All Islands" is from that shoot.

After shooting with Amy, I found a new passion. Many times while hiking, I would find a location and think, "This would be a great place to shoot." Or "I would love to bring a model up here." I have even been lucky enough to shoot at several of these spots already.

The models too seem to enjoy the shoots, as it offers a change from the studio. Despite hiking up a mountain or wandering down a wash it's always fun.

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  • James Blucher

    James Blucher (Deleted) said (25 Oct 2009):

    great story. nudes and nature just simply go hand in hand

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