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Just Another Night On The Boards

Hypnotic Ensemble

I went to See the band The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble in Cork on the same night that Jay-z was playing in The Marquee, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble are a brass band with a drummer. It's incredible stuff, hip hop brass. They play on the new Gorillaz record too and I would buy it for that reason alone.

Anyway the night was kicked off by a two local acts who play live hip hop to great effect, I hope to see more of them, The Impressionists is one of the bands. They went down well despite having lost their singer and never having rehearsed with the two rappers who joined them on stage for 'a jam' . These are words which usually have me running for cover but I'm glad I stayed put for this 'Jam'

Enter the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble,. a dynamic powerful melodic group.It's brass band in a hip hop stylee as some one who likes showing off his underpants by wearing lose jeans, might say. It was sunshine on a stage, like a really great day.

Moment of the night came when Jay-Zs crew arrived fresh from their Marquee gig. Big mean and moody they entered the room like a big dark cloud threatening thunder and lightning..ggrrrrr the said from a distance. Jay-Z was not to be seen. It was like a honey pot for the Laydeez.

The Hynotics seemed not to notice too intent on 'rocking the joint' as they were. So up steps one of the lads to speak to the people of Cork.

I'd like to thanks yawl for comin, for leavin the Jay-z gig and comin here to hear some real music. We don't have no dats no tapes no bullshit. This is real music'


Cue everyone in the house looking to the right and the collective intake of breath as the Jay-Z Massive (and they were) Growled in unison. the Hypnotics felt it like a cold wind blowing in from the east. A shiver went down their 'oh shit what did he say' smiling faces.

Quick as a flash you could hear a collective reverse

'We really love Jay-z he's the man, we love him we really do' He';s the bestest in the whole world.. this next ones for Jay-Z'

Laugh I nearly blew a trumpet through me trousers...

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  • Laura Hartley

    Laura Hartley gave props (25 Nov 2008):

    I'll be damned if the Master of the band pic, and fantastic artist as well, has not finally received published proof of how he rocks!!!!!

  • Aisling Browne

    Aisling Browne gave props (10 Dec 2008):

    Love this story Rory

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