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Tiny gem of a camera!

Contax i4R by Kyocera
Contax i4R
My Precious i4R
Contax i4R
Contax i4R

The Contax i4R is one of the last digicams made by Kyocera before the company retired from the camera business. The Carl Zeiss Tessar T* 6.5mm/2.8 lens draws beautifully sharp, contrasty and saturated pictures for the 4 megapixel sensor to record. It takes SD memory cards up to 2GB and can shoot at 3 frames per second until the card is full, but that could not happen, I'll get to that in a bit. It also has a good macro mode that allows focus to about 5cm. Other things that this camera can do is take small video clips and have photo effects like sepia and black and white, but I edit my photos in the computer so these features don't matter much to me.

It is my precious.

Because I can easily bring it everywhere I go. Be it on holiday, to the club or at the beach, the tiny size makes it possible. The screen is tiny too, but can be forgiven as it is bright and sharp. It is easy to use and captures images that are contrasty and saturated, just the way I like it. It is a fast camera that focus and capture images as quickly as you can press the shutter release. It does not have a zoom lens, I spend less time zooming in and out and trying to decide at which zoom setting is best. Instead, I've learnt to visualize the framing while bringing camera up to take the picture. Sometimes my friends didn't even notice that I had taken their picture because it happened so quickly. **Of course, it's a beautiful camera!**

It is not perfect.

Sometimes I wished it was able to take lens attachments for creative expressions in the pictures. I like wide-angle very much and find that the 38mm equivalent lens on this camera could benefit from having a 0.5x or fish-eye attachment. The other thing is it could do with a more powerful battery. The 100+ shots per battery is simply not enough to match the amount of fun shooting with this camera! And oh, it can't even fill up a 1GB SD card per full battery with its 3 frames per second.

And I love it.

The camera comes in 3 colours, Silver, Black and Red. If I can, I would get all 3 simply because they are such beautiful little things and more importantly the image quality is as beautiful as the camera itself.

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  • Joven DelaCruz

    Joven DelaCruz gave props (4 Dec 2008):

    one cool camera. cool article.

  • Tammy Rice

    Tammy Rice gave props (27 Jan 2009):

    Great article!

  • Andrew Chapman

    Andrew Chapman said (16 Mar 2009):

    I'll buy it off you.. no big deal. haha

  • Jim Thomas

    Jim Thomas gave props (31 Oct 2009):

    With a name like Contax, how could it not be great?

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