Photo Essay

My Cat

Don't Take My Picture, Please

I sit beside him, watching what he'll do next. He sits there, his front paws curled underneath him. The summer sun beats down on us, but after being in that house with two ACs in it, I feel warmer. The sun doesn't make me sweat, even though its summer. It was hotter than this in the Spring! Then he moves, shifting his body to a new position. His back faces the sun, and his eyes keep closing, as if he were dozing off. I grab my camera hanging down from my neck, and quickly get it ready. His eyes are open when I hear the satisfying click of the camera. I quickly turn a button towards me twice, and the picture shows up. It was perfect -- not blury at all. Then he lies down, his front legs spread out in front of him, and his back legs reaching toward the road. I edge away, careful not to get too close to his outstretched paws. I take the camera again and shoot another photo. I sit back, staring at the photo until I'm sure it's good enough. When I decide it is, I look up from the camera. Again, he is in another position, this time washing himself. First he licks the pad on one of his front paws. Then he brings it over his face, and drops it down again to lick some more. I grab the camera again and capture him licking his pad. Finally, I stand up witht he camera in my hands. My legs ached from squatting so long, and I wanted to get back into the air-conditioned house. So I walk barefoot up the driveway, and climb up the two steps before swinging open the kitchen door and letting the cool air take me in.

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  • je suis moi

    je suis moi gave props (2 Mar 2009):

    Voted..I too love my cats. Well done.

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