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My Last Place Tribe - Gotta Love Em'

Progressive Field (The Jake)

The Cleveland Indians are currently in last place in the American League Central Divison - but who cares they are still my team! With a record of 37 - 50 and losing there last 7 games, 2-8 in there last 10. You would think that I would give up on the Indians, but I can't. I was born and raised in Cleveland and this team has been so close to greatness so many times, I gotta believe that one day they will win it all.

My son Adam knows how much Iove the tribe, but we rarely get to go to games because of my long hours at my job. But he found a day when I was working from home and bought tickets for the two of us with the small amount of money he has. This means so much to me, my son just recently graduated high school, and is already attending college the summer quarter following his graduation. He works in a restaurant almost full time to pay for school and to put gas in his car.

We had a great time at the game, the tribe lost, but we got to see one of my all time favorite players, Omar Visquel, who was facing the tribe in some inter-league play. A bonus for me was that my brother was also attending the game with his girlfriend in near bye seats.

You have to love Progressive field, its a beautiful park and our seats were just left of home plate right in foul ball territory, none care our way, but it was exciting none the same.

Never give up on your home team, or your kids, they surprise you now and then, and when they do, its very special. Thanks Adam, the game was great and so are you!

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