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Beauty Indefinable


Despite every effort, beauty eludes us.

This is why it's so aspired to.

It's Passion. It's Truth. It's Epiphany.

It's what's left of magic.

True beauty begins a thousand miles inside and only ends on the skin. All the surgery, 'product' and pilates in the world cannot produce it but serve only to turn it trite.

It can't be captured with a camera. Nor with a pen or chisel or bar of music.

...but we can try.

It is an artist's job to come as close as possible to it and I think if it is ever truly found we may all start to finally get along.

The one place on the body where true beauty will rarely allow itself to be glimpsed at is in the eyes. You can see a person's soul in there.

This is why many JPGers to me are beautiful, because I'm seeing their truth, their beauty, their passion through their eye.

Yet I have no idea what any of them look like.

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