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Toner Maley

Tucked away on a historical street in the middle of Edinburgh, Indiana, a town known solely for its outlet mall located on Highway 65 just out of town, sits the 1870 Toner Maley House, or as some would like to call it, the Mansion on East Main Cross Street. The Toner Maley House, nestled on an expansive corner lot surrounded by large oaks and maples suspected to be nearly as old as the home itself, was formerly an apartment residence until new owner Torin Scott, after perusing other historical homes around the States, found this gem hidden in Southern Indiana. Originally from the desserts of Arizona, Ms. Scott renovated and redecorated the home and opened it to the public as Edinburgh's Bed and Breakfast in 2007.

In typical B & B style, The Toner Maley House provides a home away from home for its guests and the Innkeeper, Ms. Scott, serves up a Victorian style breakfast each morning, arranged with guests the night before, in the dining room on the main floor. Each of the six first floor rooms boasts an impressive collection of antiques ranging from Japanese kimonos to Princess Di and Prince Charles memorabilia. The foyer, upon entering the home from what once was a sprawling front porch, is home to vintage black and white photographs of the Toner Maley's themselves; the original owners of the home.

It truly is a journey to enter a home such as the 1870 Toner Maley in Edinburgh, Indiana. The home takes you back to a place in time when things were simpler, when days were longer, and when homes were larger than life. Immediately upon entering through the front door into the vast foyer and subsequent Crimson Hallway one is reminded of a place without the everyday noises that surround the common twenty-first century family. There are no video games playing songs that echo above and beyond the over fifteen foot high ceilings, there is no radio blasting the newest pop song. There is silence, save for the sound of the heater and the water running in the kitchen over canned berries from the previous winter. There is just this feeling in the air that surrounds the 'things' that make this home a home. There is history in this place; history in the books crowding the bookshelves in the Library and history overflowing the top of the piano bench in the Presidential Drawing room; history reflected back to you in the mirror and shelves filled with teacups and vintage frames in the Powder Room where the dumb waiter used to be, history in the first floor guest room and bathroom that once functioned as the servants' entrance to the home, history in the Carriage House now turned into a home just outside the kitchen door, and more history than ever hidden in the basement, in the deep dug well where a hundred years ago residents tucked away specialties for safe-keeping.

The Toner Maley is a Bed & Breakfast where guests can come to relax after a long day of shopping out on Highway 65, where guests can forget about the hassles of big city life and pretend just for a moment that this, this is home. To get lost in the books that populate the shelves of the Library and then take a turn on the piano in the Drawing Room would be to accept the lifestyle that once was. To then, sit in the garden outside the kitchen window, on a bench overlooking an aged oak would be the perfect end to a make-believe day, with hand-squeezed lemonade in hand. At the Toner Maley, it's a simpler life, where history is present and the spirit in the air is calm, beautiful, and reminiscent.

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