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Colorado skies

Emerald Lake

Sarah, my partner, loves Colorado. She loves the mountains, snow and skiing. I have never been to the state that she describes as 'heaven.' This upset Sarah as we have been together for three years and she said that I cannot really know her until we have been to the mountains. In late June Sarah went to Colorado for work and I came along. The snow pack was larger than normal this year. The sound of snow melting was everywhere; waterfalls crashing onto rocks, secret streams gurgling beneath the snow. Warmed by the sun, the mountains had become a swash of new flowers. It was beautiful.

This is my journey under Colorado skies. I come from England, where during winter the clouds are thick and low for weeks at a time. This can be seen as claustrophobic or a comforting blanket, depending on one's mood. I now live in Texas, where the sky really is bigger than anywhere else that I have been. I thought that the sky in Colorado would be big, but it wasn't. I felt that I was in a cathedral, but rather than standing on the floor and looking up at the ceiling, I was right up there in the rafters. At the top of Mount Belford the sun seemed close enough to touch. Perhaps Sarah is right, Colorado is heaven.

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