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Much ado about nothing


"Zen" was how I originally titled this series of images.

Then, one of my friends objected, saying he sees nothing spiritual in them.

He is right. The word "zen" has been too loosely used to describe a feeling of sparseness and emptiness and we often forget that it has a spiritual dimension.

Anyway he and another photographer friend did not think too much of this series. The other said viewers might feel perplexed, because there is nothing much to see.

But that is precisely the idea. There is nothing much. Still, there is.

We only need to look harder, longer, deeper.

Then, instead of feeling perplexed, one might feel "profounded"?

Just as possible, I expect some to dismiss this as merely a lump of bovine excrement.

Whatever. I like to have your responses. (Please message me with your views, if any, as I just realised you cannot leave comments on photo essays.)

So I thought about other titles... "Nothing much" perhaps?

Finally, Shakespeare provided the inspiration: Much ado about nothing!

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  • Gard Marius Guldhav

    Gard Marius Guldhav (Deleted) said (21 Apr 2009):

    Nicely written. "See what?" is definently a fave.

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