Photo Essay

Sacred Places

Modern vs. Ancient

Color, texture, pattern and light tend to dominate my compositions. Angles and juxtapositions of these elements lead my camera towards continually snapping images of buildings. Standing in front of a sacred place with a camera obligates the photographer to portray the awe inspiring feeling of being there in person.

Architecturally, cathedrals in particular have caught my attention, the sacred place of worship becomes a sacred photo spot. Each summer I take high school students abroad and we hit all the major sites, including a good number of churches. The artwork contained within them is nearly always in competition with the container holding them. It seems quite evident the architect planned the structure with uplifting its occupants in mind.

Bullfighting is made majestic as the arena vividly contrasts the surroundings. The brilliant red brick implies strength and confidence all the while creating a serene environment for the violent activities which take place inside. Similarly, the red bricks of St. Basil's mimic the wall surrounding the Kremlin and then entire square screams conformity, structure, stability. All the while the elegant domes blossom upward with joy, hope and levity.

The Classical style repeated in the architecture of the Renaissance dominates the Western European cityscape. The age and durability reflects the special attention that went into the production of these monuments. Whether it is a two thousand year old temple or a two hundred year old civic office, the significance of a massive edifice's impact on our emotional experience rings loud and clear.

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