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My dad is the original photographer in our family. I have many memories of him taking photos everywhere we went, as we were growing up. (Much of the time with my mom fussing at him for hanging off some cliff or getting too close to some animal). (My Dad's Pix) After awhile, my mom picked it up as well (My Mom's Pix). It was a great way to hang out and have something fun to do together. Over the years, we three kids would grab a little camera and snap a few shots of our own. I remember having a 110 and also a disk camera at one time or another. It was always a treat to get our photos back and see what we had captured.

My older brother (My Bro's Pix) and I both carried on the photography family tradition into our teen & young adult years. I, with yearbook in high school and he, with a huge talent for working with people, began working in photo sales. (It also gave him decent discounts on good equipment). My younger brother decided to turn his creativity to music and to this day is a fabulous guitar player and song writer who performs in local clubs.

There was a time where everyone except for my older brother moved away from photography for one reason or another. During this time, my brother honed his skills and was published, photographed a CD album cover and began working for one of the largest photo companies in America.

I rediscovered my love of photography a couple of years ago. I had started going to the Oregon Coast on an annual basis and wanted to be able to capture the beauty I saw and bring it home with me. I started with a 35mm and took a couple of classes to remind me how to function with a camera in my hand. I thoroughly enjoyed the process but by that time digital had shot to the forefront of photography and I couldn't wait to get that instant gratification (not to mention, to be able to fix the shot I screwed up while I was still standing there). I bought my first digital SLR camera a week before I went to Cannon Beach, Oregon. Needless to say I shot, and shot, and shot. But I came back with what I thought were some good pictures. I still enjoy that instant gratification and now shoot digital exclusively. I began to shoot everything in sight. I started with flowers and have now begun to try to branch out.

My parents have both picked up photography again and my my eight year old daughter has also decided to follow in Papa's footsteps. (My Daughter's Photos)We are 9 to 66 years old but all enjoy going out and shooting together. It's fun going together and seeing how all of our visions of the same subject differ. We have all, thanks to my brother, been introduced to JPG and are having a wonderful time posting our shots and getting to see all of the amazing photographers that are so talented and generous. It is great to check activity and find someone new has made you a contact or a contact has left you comments on your newest post. Not to mention the Hot Photos, which are the icing on the cake! That's what we all love about JPG. It gives all photographers, new to the field or seasoned professionals, a place to go where you are understood, welcomed and get to show off something you love.

Recently we have also added my cousin Kelly to the JPG family and found it yet another nice way to keep in touch from 3,000 miles away.

Thank you JPG, and thank you JPG'ers for encouraging our creativity and reminding us how much fun photography can be.

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  • Hector Ortiz

    Hector Ortiz gave props (19 Nov 2008):

    you are my favorite family...ever..

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