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Hot according to JpgMag, but are these "cool"?!

My Ped's office sticker drawer
Monte Selvagem
Hydrocarbon Democracy. $200/Barrel
Remember those long days?!
Caught shortcutting
Your Title?
Fall Moon over Route 66

I was clueless. I had no idea what made these photos cross that line, suddenly leap from a cold anonymity into the hot limelight. Some might think the cold/hot gatekeepers were lavished with favors but this is categorically untrue!!. De-nied. Bribery is definitely not cool (oh, no, is it hot?!)

Some say it's color, others monochrome, even mysterious shades of gray. Nonsense. Look again at my hotties. Have you ever heard sillier argument?

The truth of the matter is, hotness is physical, while coolness is a state of mind, insofar as 'keewl' is concerned. This is the cold, hard, fact. Don't we feel warm just imagining cool, get cold sweats feeling the heat?...

Some wonder if it's a matter of _flavor_. Flavor of the month, flavor of the day, flavor of the moment... I don't know. Again, flavor is cool, but it doesn't matter if it's hot or cold, unless you're talking banana-splits. At least, why would a photograph leap boundaries from cold to hot just because of taste? Maybe a well connected individual tasted something misterious while glancing at them?

Ah, mistery!!! I think I'm getting hot, finally... Because, think about it, what's hot to some might be cool to others. Or to none. Or it might not even be hot, except for the undeniable tingle of that warm moment.

Stay with me just a little more...

Recently I traveled to a distant land. It was Fall. I experienced gentle cold days which warmed my heart and inspired me to take a few cool photographs. I felt warm there, all that serene beauty surrounding me, irradiating friendship and warmth. I met friendly people which melt my heart, some real cool! I was warm and comfortable there, coming from the cold North, while locals often felt cold in the midst of incredibly hot sights! (now, try and explain _that_.)

But I finally got it. It was always there, staring at us all the time, so simple it hurt. It was obvious! What nudges a photograph here from cold to hot is a M i s t e r y . What could be plainer than that...

; )

(My beautiful hot "Bycicles" photo was demoted back from the pedestal. How so uncool)

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