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Urban geometrics

Urban Geometrics 1

People moving in the city. That 's what one can try to photograph. You can do this in different ways. You can look at the city side of the image, the formal play of buildings, other fixed objects, vehicles, etc. You can also look at the emotional side of it, people's behaviour and body language, communication, strange coincidences. There is the possibility to combine both options, trying to make a composition with surfaces, colours, layers, patterns, lines, etc. while people are moving around, to combine giving and unpredictability.

There are different approaches. Coming close to people or framing buildings and letting people act in their environment. So, one approach entails starting with an interesting environment, then creating an efficient frame and waiting for something to happen. Another approach is totally the opposite: observe people and their interaction, get close to them and try to frame them into a city environment.

The amazing thing is that you can associate snapshots and sceneries, real and abstract, close and distant all in one image, taking care that all aspects are well balanced and not excessive. Patterns and lines should not be emphasized. The image has to look like a well done snapshot, not like a staged photograph.

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