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Make-up problem: Too EXPENSIVE!?

M.A.C. Cosmetics by New York, U.S.A.
This is make up

It's pretty obvious that every girl loves make up for different reasons or it could be just one and it's because they simply LOVE how it looks on them. There are a lot of girls who would DIE (just an expression) to buy every M.A.C. eye shadow, lipstick, lip-gloss, eyeliner, and more but there's a problem when it comes to the price. I have a huge problem with it just because I don't have enough money to buy great make up like M.A.C. cosmetics. This company also knows how to do their products, they have AMAZING packaging and the colors match very well. Also they have different collections like "Starflash" in which they have a combination of cold, warm and neutral colors of eye shadow and eyeliners. In addition of these collections there's much more to choose from, they would let you make your own eye shadow palette which I love because you can mix and match colors that you really use. The "Electric Flash" is a cold colors collection. Their collection's names attract most people. I would LOVE to buy everything in the store. I know M.A.C cosmetics purpose is mainly for make up artists but there are a lot of people who like how the texture is and how many advantages there are when you buy and use this make up; it's SO good it doesn't irritate your skin or make it oily. Also is VERY good for photo shoots, models would love it, the colors stays on and it doesn't smudge. I'm sure when people make the choice to buy make up they make sure to buy the best but the best can come expensive sometimes, like this kind of make up. It would be lovely if the cosmetic company would lower the prices because there's people that would love to buy their product but can't just because of the price, but you know... there's also EBay, there's great stuff in the EBay site and very affordable but you have to be careful with the products and the people selling this kind of products at the site. Overall, that's the only big problem M.A.C. has with their products. I hope they take it into consideration; people might get tired of buying their product because of the price.

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