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Route 66 Ludlow California

Welcome to Ludlow Ca

Well here I am again out in the middle of no where. I've finshed work early and I'm just outside of Barstow its 108 degrees and humid. We had thunderstorms last night and this place got drenched. The sales calls I was supposed to make got canceled. They had no power. Oh well.

The little voice in my head is screaming lets go be creative. I'm thinking where, and then out of the blue comes the name Ludlow.. Huh?

I've passed through this place once at night on the way home from the Grand Canyon and it just seemed as though it was just another gas stop on Route 66.

Nothing is just another thing on Route 66. If you go right instead of left or vice a versa you will almost always find the unexpected. This place was no exception.

Here are some of the interesting things I found.

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