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For Rachel
Masonic (aka Ode to Fausto Vitali)
Fountain Pinhole (For Ian)
Enchanted Barn (bizarre for Esso)
For Lis
Project SCANdalous (For Suzette)
Renaissance City
For Nicole
Enchanted Axle (for Llorenç)
Pointed Roof (for Pascal Fellonneau)
Colors (for Charles Rushton)

The community aspects of JPG Magazine have always been the key reason I keep coming back to this site. Although I am very proud to have been published in Issue 15 and I try to submit strong (if unusual) entries to each issue's theme, I prefer the support and inspiration from other JPG members. To "pay" some of these individuals back, I have created some images that represent my take on their work.

From Rachel McKinnie's majestic works, to Charles Ruston's ability to capture beauty everywhere he looks, these images are what inspire me to continue shooting, to see things in different ways. Pascal Fellonneau and Llorenç Rosanes taught me how to capture structures and everyday scenes through the eyes of an artist. Composition and color by Lis Bokt and Ian MacLellan's pinhole photography have helped me refine my photos. Gigi Tindle and Suzette Lucas's whimsy have helped me to have fun with my photography, to relax, experiment, and not be afraid to use my own creatitivity. The style that I most admire and personally identify with is best represented by Fausto Vitali and Struan Oglanby. I could gaze upon Fauto's images all day and I owe an additional debt of gratitude to Struan for creating 15x100 which has kept me busy this summer. Of course, without Nicole Gesmondi's influence, I would have never even picked up a plastic camera. Do me a favor and check out all these artists work, perhaps they will inspire you too!

Beyond those I have mentioned, there are many others here that inspire me and I just haven't gotten around to dedicating a photo to them yet. There are also photographers on this site who have dedicated a photo to me. For this I am deeply flattered and proud. I would like to use this space to give additional props to them:

Laura & James Hartley: 1, 2, 3, 4

Alexis Gerard

Amy Evenson

Colin Gilbert

David Roy

Jason Schupp

Jim Robertson

Matt Forbes_

Nicole Gesmondi

Please, please, please forgive me if I have missed your dedication here. And please, please, please send me a note so I may include it!

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  • eithne mythen

    eithne mythen gave props (5 Jul 2009):

    This made a great read and introduced me to some wonderful photographers whose work I had not seen before, others like Charles whose site is one of my favourites are very deserving of this wonderful tribute and I particularly love your shot dedicated to him..

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