Photo Essay

Reflections of Bodie Ca.

looking out on the neighbors

Usualy when I plan a photo trip I just think about the places I want to go and pretty much keep an open mind. Beyond that I plan out my days and where I want to go, what time I want to be there and then I search out the spots and let them speak to me. Just kind of let the magic happen.

On this particular trip I had some other things in mind. It was the Memorial Day weekend Bishop was going to be having its annual Mule Days. Too late to get a room so I was going to be camping.. Uhmm thats kind of cool. I figured I would stay up near June Lake Loop. Maybe at Grant Lake or somthing. Get up early and go down to Mono Lake shoot the sunrise and then, go up to Bodie.

I have been to Bodie many times. My father took us up there as kids to shoot Christmas Pictures. You know, those annual family portraits-Hi from the Flood Family!!!- Yeck! Back then you had to take a 17 mile dirt road to get there.Thats changed, now its 14 miles paved and only the last 3 are dirt.

This time I had a specific pourpose in mind. I have seen Bodie done many ways but I wanted to capture it in it's reflections. I spent most of the day looking through windows trying to find angles where I could get good reflections of the town. It wasn't as easy as I had thought it might be.

These are some of the images I came up with.

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