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Flash holder

Holder - Front
Holder - Side A
Holder - Side B
Holder - Bottom
Holder - Curved 1
Holder - Curved 2
Holder - Curved 3

I'm a dedicated Strobist (person who uses small portable flashes for lighting as oppose of big flash monoblocks, etc). The reasons why I'm a "stobist" are too broad for me to explain, but let me just mention: portability, usability, handling and price.

As with all photographic equipment you need accessories. One of the most important accessory for your small flash, is a holder. You need a way to attach your flash to lightning stand, camera stand, photo clamp and anything else you might think of. There are many holders available in virtually every photo store, but for me, there was always something missing or wrong with everyone I tried. Some were made out of plastic and I was always scared something will brake. Others pivoted in only one direction, some were even missing an umbrella hole or sync contact. There were others that looked good, but the price was just outrageous (that's why I only looked as them). So there are choices out there, but there's always something missing if you ask me.

After I bought my third and fourth flash, I decided I finally need something really good and decided to buy the best ones I could find, no matter the price. So I gathered the money and browsed over to the internet stores to find my candidates. After all the stores, I checked ebay as well, you never know what you're going to find there, right? And between all the "regular" ones, there it was, my precious. All shining gold/silver metal, no plastic anywhere, pivoting in two direction, made out of three pieces, having two joints, umbrella hole, standard light stand hole, lightning shoe, sync contact, weighing 160g, standing 112mm tall, but no, it didn't make coffee. Did I mention the price? Almost half the price of my "second choice". It goes without saying, I bought six of them in one go.

After I finally received them, I was even happier with my purchase. The holders looked great! It was obvious they were hand made by some individual who was thinking about me when he made them, but they were professionally done none the less. Let me just mention they came out of Germany, that might give you an idea about the quality. Excellent done, great to the touch and I couldn't wait to start using them.

As mentioned before, they're made out of three pieces:

- the top piece with lightning shoe and sync contact;

- the middle piece with umbrella hole;

- the bottom piece with 5/8 standard lightning stand hole.

Each piece can pivot independently or you can pivot them in sets of two (top and middle one, or middle and bottom one). You can rotate them by 360 degrees using the bottom piece. All nuts and bolts are metal and standard size as well, if you ever loose one, a trip to your local hardware store will fix the problem (chances are, you have some lying around the house anyhow).

It's now almost a year since that purchase and let me tell you, that has been one of my best photo accessory purchase ever. I've since recommended and "sold" a bunch of holders to my fellow strobist and we're all extremely pleased. I use my holders on virtually all my shoots, they haven't failed me yet. I've used them upside down, I've used them in the air on a plain, I've used them in a cave. They're with me all the time.

If you're a strobist or thinking of becoming one, I highly recommend you get one of this holders. It's small, light, extremely useful and cheap as well. You really couldn't ask for more.

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