Photo Essay

The Long Campaign

Obama Rally

In the last several months I have had the opportunity to photograph and follow the 2008 primary elections. Along with me, a little more than 300 million American are watching as well. The elections that are to come mark a significant chapter in our nations history, some believe we stand at a cross road for our economy, our foreign policy, and even race and gender in government. One element that is inarguable is the attention this campaign had and will continue to receive; the world watches and awaits its outcome.

While following these events I have found myself in so many fascinating places and events. I have been caught in rushing crowds, hoping to catch a glimpse of their candidate; I have stood waiting with volunteers for voters in an empty school gym. I have been shoulder to shoulder with politicians, activists, volunteers and citizens. At times I have found them inspiring, saddening and even disturbing, but in my eyes all equally significant to this body of work.

So often the media portrays the political system to be a grand-event found on CNN or as soap opera unfolding on news channels. This growing need for the theatrics and the dramatics, I believe, creates a growing divide between the images we place in media, and the reality of this intricate system. From the call bank volunteer to the men in suits behind the stage, the canvassers and the lobbyists, the candidates and the voters. These images attempt to shed light on facets of our political system not always seen, and at times blatantly ignored.

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