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4042 W. Prospect

For the past year I have been documenting my family in hopes of finding some clarity in what it means to be apart of my family. In the past year my family has endured much turmoil and adversity. My project, which I entitled 4042 W. Prospect (my home address) is a compilation of portraits taken within the context of my home. My photos are often of mundane and subtle events that are meant to elicit a sense of nostalgia and self-reflexivity. I've tried to convey interplay between my family members within the framework of a home. I hope that one day I can go back to these pictures and see something in them that at this moment I cannot comprehend.

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2 responses

  • aya rosen

    aya rosen said (18 Oct 2008):

    I really like your photos and the story behind them.
    I have a very complex / currently non existing relationship with my own parents, I guess mostly over the issues of letting go.
    Your project really resonate with what my life's about now.

  • ricky montalvo

    ricky montalvo said (19 Oct 2008):

    Adam, as a photographer I was immediately drawn to the tonality of your images, the expressions, the simple everyday things (such as the kids watching TV). As a Hispanic, I was moved by the emotion your images convey. I hope to see more photojournalism projects like this from you. Good luck!

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