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RYO -- Guess What? Stephan Sachs got it right!

RYO -- See The Story
Guess What----
RYO -- See The Story
RYO -- See The Story

I thought that no one would get this one but Stephan nailed it; the picture is a cropped view of a cigarette rolling machine. To give a bit of hint I left a portion of the tobacco in the injector tray showing in the picture.

I turned to the roll-your-own (RYO) approach when I discovered that I could make cigarettes of a higher quality than commercial grade for about $14 per carton, compared to the $60 to $80 that cartons of name brands currently cost.

I order the tobacco and cigarette tubes from a premium tobacco supplier and make them up fresh to smoke as needed. Tobacco is placed in an injector tray, an empty tube is placed on the injector nozzle, the handle is cranked downward and a fresh cigarette pops off the nozzle, ready for a smoke. With a bit of practice it takes about 15 to 20 seconds to make each one.

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