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Girls and Their Faces


We are Girls/Women/Ladies and theres no other way to put it but we care too much about our appearance. (Even Me). When you think about it Everyone is beautiful no matter what other people say. People just say that stuff cause they are jealous or are trying to make you feel bad. (Trust me I know how it feels to be made fun of , Even I've been the teaser).

Maybe if we all take our selfs and call us pretty or beautiful the WHOLE world would do the same as to us and them.

I might just be some average 11 year old but i know how it feels to be the victim. School is harsh unlike it used to be in kindergarten where everyone wanted to be your friend , But as they grow older and we grow older everyone becomes ashamed of what they said when they were kids , Including the kids now. (Older and younger than me).

All I am saying is that everyone is beautiful and they should recite this Pledge.

" I accept my beauty. I think i am beautiful. I think the world and its people are very beautiful. Me , Myself , and I pledge to think of myself as beautiful. "

I am me , Alyssa , and I now think of the world and its people as beautiful , Including me. (True Beauty Pass It On).

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